We have a delayed opening at work until noon because of the winter storm we had over the weekend, and since the cats would not let me sleep late, and Sandy has gone to work and there is a working computer free in my house, I figured I’d do a blog post.

One of my priorities this week is to get my info to the ATA for the exhibition catalog. This has me shaking in my shoes for some reason, but it won’t be that hard. It is the head shot that is bugging me. I’m not feeling very confident about my looks these days, and I don’t have time this week to get a make-over. So I’ll put on some make-up one day in the next few days, try to do something with my hair, and have a friend take a photograph of me. I have no problem whatsoever with taking a selfie or publishing photos of me making a funny face, but a straight-up head shot with no background – ouch, I have to be an adult.

I already have an artist statement that is more of a poem. I’ll have to decide how much to tweak it or to rewrite it. The biography won’t be hard because I don’t have a huge artist resume to pull from, and all I ever write about these days is myself anyway!

Have I mentioned that I love my coffee poured over a couple of spoonfuls of Equal Exchange dark hot cocoa mix? Oh my God. Serious yumminess with caffeine.

I spent Friday through Sunday holed up here in the house cooking and weaving. Today it is supposed to get warm enough to melt the snow and ice so I hope that I will get back to my new studio around the corner. I am hesitant (okay, I am a weenie) about walking on icy sidewalks due to the tumbles I’ve taken over the years. The back injury I got playing in the snow when I was in my early 20s caused me problems for many years. It was nice to enjoy cooking again.


Slow progress on “Cathedral,” but I have to take a lot of breaks. I could not weave tapestry full-time! Susanne visited yesterday and finished weaving the little tapestry she began last year. Hanging out with friends who are also working on something creative is THE BEST. I could live in an artists’ commune, I really could. That’s one of the reasons I am excited about the new studio. Just having other artists around lends an energy to the air. Even for an introvert like me, as long as there is not constant yakking going on.

I finished “The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet,” which I took a long time to read, but it was rich. David Mitchell has been my latest writer to go ga-ga over. One of the characters in “The Bone Clocks” is in Thousand Autumns, so I had to read it. Now I’ve picked up “A Visit from the Goon Squad” again. I wasn’t impressed at all with the first couple of chapters and didn’t think I’d finish it, but it got better as it moved to other characters’ stories.

Also, I’m working on the friend problem I had last week. Opened the communication up. I don’t know what will happen, but at least we are being honest with each other, and that’s for the best. I’d rather be direct and face a problem rather than letting it fester.