Greensboro North Carolina, National Parks and Monuments

New studio space and a walk

My shadow and its shadow friend

There is a good possibility that I will be renting a small studio space around the corner at the Church of the Covenant, which hosts quite a few artists in their large building! I’m very excited about the idea of being able to have a cat-free space to work and play. I’ll post photos if it happens. Elizabeth went with me to check out some rooms and prices for rental for guild events. It’s all her fault if it happens. Blame her, not me. Then we went to Boba House for lunch, where I snapped this nice shadow:

Wall at Boba House

Work is fine so far. Hitting the RESET button has been helpful. My friend Anne walked with me through the Special Collections and Archives part of the library and introduced me to a few people. My class begins Monday night.

Sandy and I took a walk at Guilford Courthouse National Military Park here in Greensboro on Sunday. It has a lot of trails, paved and unpaved, and adjoins a city park with a small lake. I love the texture and color at the bottom of this monument to Peter Francisco, a Revolutionary War hero.

Peter Francisco monument at Guilford Battleground NMP

Peter Francisco monument at Guilford Courthouse NMP

Trail at Guilford Courthouse NMP

Winter is here at last.

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