As said by our merry bartender at Fishbones tonight after Sandy said that we were there to drown our sorrows, but we were drinking our first drink really slow…

Sandy, however, just realized that he is 3 years away from retirement age rather than 4, so he had something to celebrate. Kind of a bigger version of I thought it was Wednesday, but it is really Thursday. I, on the other hand, have 13+ years until I can get full retirement benefits, more if the tea party decides to increase my retirement age.

I got paid with a bonus (instead of a raise) this year, and we actually closed on the sale of my mother’s house yesterday, so the new year will begin with less debt for me.

Normally, I’m posting about how slow and quiet it is at work this time of year, but not so this month.

No problem. I will be taking a clean break from work from Dec. 24 through Jan. 3. I plan to spend each day with a little cleaning, a little cooking, a little yard work if it ever stops raining, a lot of art time, and always the option for a nap.