Rest in Peace, Miss Lucy Lou O’Neill

Miss Lucy Lou O’Neill
Summer 2003 – December 20, 2015

Wee Lucy, 2003

Miss Lucy, 2006

Miss Lucy loved her greens, the more bitter, the better, and if she could steal them from the sink, that made them extra good.

Lucy loved Squirt.

That’s Theo, not Squirt. But they sorta loved each other too.

I did not expect her to go down so fast, but this morning she was ready. We were lucky to find a mobile vet who I knew through the weavers guild that was kind enough to come right out to our house when we called. She is now interred in our back yard. I’ll plant some flowers for her later.

She was in renal failure, among other medical issues. It was for the best.

1 thought on “Rest in Peace, Miss Lucy Lou O’Neill”

  1. I’m very sorry for your loss, Laurie. It’s so hard to have to say goodbye to our animal friends. Hope you’re doing all right.


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