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Saturday coffee pot post

So let me get this off my chest before I finish the coffee pot and starting playing in my studio. Most of this is what I posted on Facebook and there is no reason to rewrite it…

I think that our Miss Lucy, head produce inspector at Jazzcat Productions, is going to leave us soon for happier mouse hunting grounds. She joined Jazzcat Productions as a wee tyke in 2003, interning under Sir Guido O’Neill, director of security. Although her mouse hunting skills were extraordinary, as she matured, she found that she preferred lettuce and broccoli leaves. We’ll see how she does over the next couple of days, but based on earlier health crises with her, we agreed to let her go as naturally as possible when she makes the decision. I’ll call the vet in on a house visit if she needs a little humane push.

She has been in declining health for a couple of years. She had stress-induced asthma attacks during the last vet visits and the last time I had to force feed her. She has no teeth left except her fangs and multiple incurable problems, and the boys drive her crazy. I thought about keeping her in one room with a litterbox and food, but she let me know that she didn’t like that. Her favorite spots are in the other parts of the house. She has stopped eating and drinking as far as I can tell – I haven’t seen her eat more than part of a broccoli leaf in days. I’m not home much, but I’m pretty sure of it.

Theo is definitely showing his advanced age these days, too. We adopted him in 2009 as an older but playful gentleman, and he still likes to play. We think that he is around 15-16 years old. He seems to be in good health, according to the vet, but he is losing weight and he has started yowling occasionally. Guido did the same thing when he started getting dementia. I think that Theo will be with us for a while longer, even though the boys annoy him. He doesn’t hide from them, sometimes he initiates play with them, and he seems to enjoy watching them play from a safe place. They do pick on him and Miss Lucy though, and that’s not a good thing. I have had to evict him from my bedroom for my own health reasons and he has gotten fairly used to it, although sometimes he cries outside my door. He gets plenty of attention, believe me!

There are many things to choose from to do today, as usual. I have no problem with boredom! I think that I’ll focus on finishing “Migraine Day” and stitching up the slits on the two small format tapestries I did earlier this year. That way one of my small looms will be ready for this:

American Tapestry Alliance “Tapestry Unlimited Blog Tour”

It’s free, so if you are interested, there are some excellent teachers represented here.

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