Excitement, at last!


It’s a warm rainy day here in the southern state of North Carolina. They’re predicting a warm Christmas, too. I say, hallelujah, I can do some gardening and yard work over the winter break a week from now!

I am feeling rejuvenated by the idea of going back to school for the Masters in Library and Information Studies. I am going to take the core course on Monday evenings this spring if I can’t get into the distance course, and maybe even if I can. Even though I like the convenience of web courses, I think that they tend to be more difficult as far as class discussions and I don’t particularly care for video instruction. I registered for an online seminar on virtual communities for the second half of summer session. If I decide to apply for the program based on how I like the first two classes, I found out that I do not have to take the GRE or MAT because I already have a graduate degree. I can take three classes for credit through the Visions program, and by that time I should be able to make a good decision before jumping in. So far, it’s all good.

It will occupy my mind so that I don’t obsess as much about, um, ALL THE THINGS. It also will give me a little more confidence and hope about leaving this state and finding a job in higher education somewhere else.


It’s wonderful to be in a better mood. Please let it last! This weekend I SWEAR I’m going to get in the studio and weave!

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