I was in another bad mood today, but more angry and frustrated. Complicated last minute schedule changes at work. Bigotry on Facebook. After much thought about whether to go on with my personal page on Facebook or to switch over entirely to my artist page or make more feed filters that I don’t use, I went through my friends list and unfriended those who made overt bigoted statements in the past couple of weeks. I unfollowed a few of the more precious and less mean friends, with the hope that their hearts and minds are opened one day.

Now when I see a bigoted post in my feed, I am updating my friends list accordingly, so maybe I can continue to enjoy it.

Here’s what I posted:

“Done with bigots. If you have something hateful to say about an entire group of people, I won’t see it in my news feed but once, and I won’t see anything from you again.. That’s the only way I’m gonna roll on Facebook from here on out. Not interested in dialogue with stubborn people who don’t get it and don’t bother to learn. Not interested in ‘just your opinion.’ Yes, you do have a right to have a prejudiced opinion not based on facts or on some sad twisted version of a religion. That includes atheists talking about all Christians too. I have a right not to see it on my FB feed. Any argumentative bigoted comments will be deleted as well. I’m not interested.”

On one hand, I’d like to influence people to be kinder, but on the other hand, I realize that it ain’t happening on Facebook no matter what, so I’m going to shape my experience to get what I need from it.

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