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Labor Day weekend at Lake Waccamaw

Labor Day weekend was a mix of hard work and fun. Sandy and I met my sister, brother, and brother-in-law at Mama’s house in Marietta with a rented UHaul van. We filled it up with two bed frames, a set of double mattresses, two chests of drawers, my mother’s sewing machine/table, a wicker rocking chair, and various boxes of stuff that we could squeeze into every last bit of space. We moved a very nice old oak cabinet to my sister and brother-in-law’s new place at Lake Waccamaw. In between loading up on Saturday afternoon and unloading on Monday, we had a relaxing dinner with my brother and sister-in-law (no pics) and chilled out on the pier on Sunday. Even the rain was pleasant.

Not the greatest selfie of me, but I’m trying not to be vain. That’s my sister, brother-in-law, me, and Sandy.

Sandy plays chess with Tim. I love his beard! Every now and then he threatens to shave it and I have a fit.

Now I have the four-poster bed and matching chest of drawers in “my” bedroom. A friend of ours took the futon and queen mattress that I was using in there. I put my mother’s chest of drawers that she used as a dresser in my studio. Her sewing machine is a Singer from around 1960, I think. She always kept it oiled and well maintained because she used it a lot, sewing our clothes when we were kids and quilting and other sewing projects when she got older. I am proud to have it.

Here’s a photo that was in the treasure trove of photos Lisa found in her house. We think that she was about 13 years old and so that would date it around 1936.

I submitted the 98% Water tapestry to the ATA Biennial. Pam Patrie is responsible for the excellent job of mounting it. I’ll find out if it gets juried in in January.

I was asked to include a comment about the tapestry. I said that this was a self-portrait that melted. Here’s the detail shot.

Now I need to get ready for Sandy and I to go to Colorado! Then I will probably have to spend a few weekends in Marietta to finish cleaning Mama’s house for its new owner. I will be very glad to get this off my mind.

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