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Tapestry updates


First, here is the progress with the big bald cypress tapestry, which I had been calling “Hammock View” but have renamed “Cathedral.” I’m not working on it as much right now since the weather turned nasty hot and the mosquitoes came out. It’s been nice to weave on the front porch with the natural light but I’ll need to set up the indoor lights again for it.

Urban Landscape, Fort Worden

I finished the postcard-sized abstract tapestry I designed from part of a photo I took at Fort Worden in Port Townsend. It is a sample and I’d like to weave it about 20 x 24 inches now.

Pacific Pines II

On my travelin’ loom, I finished the second small tapestry based on a drawing I did on the Pacific coast of pines with broken limbs on the cliff beside the ocean. This one reflects the sunrise on the ocean, which is truer to the original vision. I would not weave this vertically again but it was an interesting exercise to see the differences in weaving the design horizontally and vertically. I’m posting the first one for comparison below.

Pacific Pines I


Finally, on the back of the travelin’ loom I am weaving a phrase as a homework assignment from Archie Brennan. The requirements are to weave 1.5 inch wide 8 epi sett and begin with the letter H. Then we are to pick the next letter and move on to weave a word or phrase. The idea is to weave as a journey and create as we weave instead of using a pre-planned cartoon. Can you guess what my phrase will say? Here’s a hint – I was a teenager in the 1970s.

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