Kentucky, Missouri, St. Louis trip, West Virginia

Road Trip to St. Louis, Part I

For our 28th (GACK!) wedding anniversary, we took a road trip from NC-Virginia-West Virginia-Kentucky-Indiana-Illinois to St. Louis, Missouri the week of May 17-23, 2015.

Most of our time was spent in Kentucky, southern Illinois, and St. Louis. We drove to Lexington, Kentucky on a Saturday afternoon, stopping at Tamarack in Beckley, West Virginia on the way, and spent two nights there. We watched the Mad Men finale the first night in the hotel (I am a big fan) and the next day we spent going to Berea and the studios and art galleries there. That night we went downtown in Lexington, which was a fine evening.

Tamarack, an arts and crafts center in Beckley, West Virginia

The large weaving studio of Berea College

Downtown Lexington

On the way to Fairview Heights, Illinois, we stopped briefly at the Frazier Museum in Louisville, Kentucky. We had been talking about the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and there our questions were answered. As usual, I got distracted by geometry.

Louisville, Kentucky

Cahokia Mounds Historic Site has been on our radar for quite some time. Sandy and I like to visit ancient history sites when we vacation, and this one is one he has been talking about for years. It was the focus of the trip. That morning was unseasonably chilly and rainy, so we spent most of our time in the interpretative center at Cahokia Mounds, and then we took the train to Forest Park in St. Louis, where there is a cluster of museums and the zoo. We ate lunch in a nice restaurant at the top of the St. Louis History Museum, took that in, then took the trolley to the Science Center, which was closing and so we didn’t get a good impression of it. We went back to the hotel for a break, and it turned out that they had free drinks and food for the guests that night and it was quite good. So we ended up staying in.

Laurie in front of a replica of the Spirit of St. Louis.

Sandy compared to the tallest man in history.

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