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Playing catch up

I’ve been a bad blogger. I haven’t even blogged the May St. Louis/Cahokia trip and now I’m about to head out to Oregon again! I’ll post a few photos from that trip on the next post.

Back Forty news: I have caught red-handed the critter responsible for the garden damage last year and perhaps the year before, and it’s not good – a large woodchuck scrambled away from my sweet snap peas and snow peas this weekend when I stepped out the back door. At this point it has torn all the pea vines down and bitten the flower buds off all my black-eyed susans and calendula. It also has a taste for parsley. I hope that it will leave the field peas and butterbeans alone, as it did last year. This year most of my tomatoes and okra are at the UNCG community garden, except for a few that I have caged at home. The sweet peas were nearly done anyway, and I have enjoyed them. I’ve gotten a few Sungold tomatoes, and I think that they might be my favorite cherry tomatoes.

We are having a brutal heat wave here and it is forecast to last at least through the next ten days. High 90s which means that it feels about 5-10 degrees hotter in our Carolina humidity. I am happy that I will escape to the cool beaches of Oregon soon but the heat means that the garden may get baked if we don’t get some rain to go with it.

Yesterday was the first anniversary of my mother’s death and I have been coping with it pretty well. I had my semi-annual doctor’s visit and she kindly suggested that I stay on my current dosage of anti-depressants, which I consider to be fairly high. Mama has visited my dreams a lot, sometimes in good ways and sometimes in anxious situations. I am a little surprised at just how MUCH I miss her. I try not to be a drama queen about it but it is in the back of my mind often. I’m jealous of my friends when they talk about their mothers, even when they complain. What I would give to have my mother around to annoy the heck out of me now! And boy, we did get on each other’s nerves quite a bit.

I haven’t gotten the results of my blood tests yet but I can’t imagine that my cholesterol and glucose will be much better. I have lost ten pounds since this time last summer. I actually lost a little more than that, but I paid a price for the end of semester partying and vacationing so I’m trying to get back on track. Sandy has diabetes now so between our dietary needs it has gotten complicated.

Pablocito and Diego turn two this week. Those boogers. Diego’s new nickname is Chunkybutt. Theo and Miss Lucy hate him because he doesn’t understand how to play nice and now even when he is trying to be friendly they don’t trust him. Theo and Pablocito get along much better now but Pablocito still plays too rough for the older cats. I also call Pablocito Buttercup and Birdie. Sandy calls them Trouble One and Trouble Two. They have plenty of aliases to choose from should they embark on a feline life of crime. I would like for them to start with the woodchuck.

Lots of weaving has been going on. Will add that post also.

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