Missouri, St. Louis trip

City Museum, Part III

After Cahokia, we took the Metro to downtown St. Louis and walked to the City Museum, which is kinda difficult to describe. It’s like this amazing playground, artfully built, for all ages. There were all kinds of ways to get hurt in this place. If I had been 12 I would never have wanted to leave. The 10 story flight of metal stairs to the top scared the crap out of me, so I chose to take the spiral slide all the way down. There were all kinds of tunnels and tubes to crawl through if I had been fit or could have actually fit into. We spent most of our time on the roof.

Looking up from the bottom.

On the roof. Sandy climbed up that wire tube. I took the stairs. We both slid down the slide beneath it. We were very pleased with ourselves.

There is a third way to climb to the top of that slide. Note the kids on the sides of this dome.

At the very top of the slide – two people climbing over the girl about to slide down beneath them.

The praying mantis oversees it all.

That’s me in front of the kid.

Yes, that’s a Ferris wheel on the roof. I don’t even ride them on the ground, so no.

Here’s one photo from the interior. We didn’t even see half of the place. I’d love to go back here.

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