Back Forty

Back Forty Update

I got a false deadline stuck in my head and now that I realize that I don’t have to DO ALL THE THINGS!!!! before I go to Oregon on Wednesday I feel a whole lot better.

Between a really horrible, much worse-than-usual bout with pollen allergies and buckets of rain here and work, not much got done on the homefront this past week. However, I do have pics and news from the week before.

These jonquils are gone now, and seeds and herbs were planted in the Back Forty last Saturday and Sunday.

In the above plot, I’ve concentrated my herb garden and planted Oregon Giant snow peas and sweet snap peas in the hoed up area next to the blueberry bush. I discovered that I transferred my surviving asparagus to this area when the shoots came up and surprised me. Good for me. I put in basil, lemon thyme, more English thyme, a globe artichoke, and three kinds of peppers here. Comfrey went into the shady front yard. Rosemary, catnip, parsley and dill went into the whiskey barrels this year.

I’m taking a cue from what worked best last year and planted a variety of lettuce and arugula and a couple of broccoli plants here. Butterbeans and field peas might be planted tomorrow along here. They can climb up the fence and they get sunshine for most of the day.

Susanne and I planted about half of our community garden plots on Sunday. I put in a few Japanese eggplants, Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, Sungold, Roma tomatoes, and four yellow crookneck squash. It’s a little early for the tomatoes, but I think they will be fine. At least they got a good soaking rain.

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