“Hammock View” progress

I’m probably the only one who can see the difference from day to day!

Since everything on this side of the design kind of leans to the left, I’ve worked more on the left side this weekend.

I was at a point when I didn’t have a lot of ends hanging down, and my tension was getting looser. So I bit the bullet and loosened the tension, wound it down about six inches, and retightened it. It wasn’t easy, but I have gotten that sucker so tight I can play bass on it now. I’m a little worried that it will go “sproing!” on me since the tabs on the bottom beam are kind of wonky, but I think that they will hold. If they don’t, I can fix it.

3 thoughts on ““Hammock View” progress”

    1. Yes, they are rare earth magnets. I got the idea from Janette Meetze, and bought them from Amazon. They are great for holding on the cartoon, but extremely strong and hard to pull apart. Also brittle. Will grab metal needles and scissors. But I’m getting used to working with them.


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