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Sunday morning coffee pot post

arghh, I was going to write the post about my tapestry progress first, but I have, once again, lost my camera between Thursday and today. This is what happens when you live with the kind of monkey mind that I have been developing since menopause. So I’ll try again with photos later this week and do my coffee pot post, where I sweep the brain pan while I drink a little pot of coffee.

It has been crunch time at work, but generally with work that I enjoy, such as helping to put together our department class schedule and organizing the admissions process for the next cohort of history graduate students. I hope to be able to do this job until I retire. With the politicians in control over our public university system here you never know what might happen.

My six year plan is to retire from this job after I turn 60. I’ll be able to pick up 85% of my retirement plan then, and I am contributing as heavily as I can to a 403B now that the work on the house is mostly done. Sandy will be past his retirement age then. We’ll sell the house and his rental condo here and move to Western Oregon. By then Theo and Miss Lucy should have “crossed the rainbow bridge” but if not, we won’t move until they do. Diego and Pablocito will go with us if they haven’t killed each other with their antics by then. (Diego just ran headfirst into a closed door.) When we get there I hope to find another job until I reach 67 or 68. It will have to be frugal living, for sure, but we are used to that. Our health concerns (diabetes and high cholesterol) are definitely a wild card here, as are my brother and sister’s health since they are older than me, but that is the long range plan.

Sandy and I have gone on a low-carb, low-fat diet in the past few weeks, and I’ve lost about 12 pounds since last summer, about seven of those since before Christmas. Sandy was diagnosed with diabetes a few weeks ago, but it is mild enough that they are advising him to try to control it with diet and exercise. We’ll both go to a diabetes class at the end of March for a few weekly meetings. I’m going too since my glucose is on the high side and there is so much diabetes on both sides of my family. I may as well follow the same kind of diet since it can only do me good. This “diet” feels different, sort of the way I felt when I quit smoking for good. Speaking of which, I celebrated my 20th anniversary of kicking that bad-ass addiction to the curb on Feb. 10. I know that if I can do that, I can do anything in which I have an option to control. Maybe that in itself is the biggest benefit of quitting smoking.

For the short term, I am ecstatic to have many travel and tapestry plans for this year. In late April I go back to Pam Patrie’s cabin by the sea to take a three-day workshop from Susan Martin Maffei and Archie Brennan. In late May, Sandy and I will go to Cahokia, near St. Louis, a trip that we postponed last year when my mother was sick, and a bucket list item for him. In late June, I will again travel back to Cannon Beach, Oregon, this time with my friend Susanne, to rent Pam’s sweet little cabin for nine days. While we are there, Pam Patrie is having a tapestry creative retreat there so Susanne will be initiated into the Divines (HA!) and I’ll get to see the gang again, and we’ll take a class or two at Focus on Book Arts conference in Forest Grove, Oregon. We are renting a car so we plan to spend a little time exploring. Then in early August, I am taking this weaving workshop at Arrowmont, using the gift certificate that they kindly provided when I had to come home when my mother died last June. So you can see that I have a lot to look forward to this year.

Okay, coffee is gone. I’ll try to blog on my lunch hour tomorrow about the latest tapestry, which with I am very, very pleased and somewhat obsessed.

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