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10 years of Slowly She Turned

As much as I despise blogging on my Kindle, I could not let my 10th blogiversary go by without a post.

On Feb. 27, 2005, I began this blog by writing about my back yard garden.  I was in the Masters of Liberal Arts program at UNCG and I was focusing on sustainable food issues and voluntary simplicity. Before I started getting a fair amount of readers, I used it for therapy. I was depressed and had a panic disorder with agoraphobia, and life was a little rough. After a while I deleted most of the more personal posts, and I got tired of writing about food. I loved writing about my travels once I broke out of my agoraphobia and I love photography. Eventually I decided that there was no point in being a burned-out food blogger when so many people were doing it better, and I turned more toward recording my personal life and focusing on my art again.

I’ve always considered this blog to be a personal portal anyway. For years before that I had a website called “jazzzcat productions” where I tested out page designs and wrote whimsical stuff about the cats. At the time there were many cats in my life since we were the caretakers of a feral cat colony on this block. At that time I did some web design work and aspired to a career in Internet technology but I lost interest once it got so complicated and I found a job at UNCG that I enjoyed. I just wanted to do HTML and CSS. Anyway, this is actually about 15 years of online presence for me. Weird.

Now most of my former blog followers follow me on Facebook under my name Laurie Parham O’Neill, which I enjoy more. I don’t tweet though. I can’t quite understand it. I would do Instagram if I wasn’t one of the few First World people who do not have a smart phone. If you try to friend me on Facebook, please let me know how you know me (even it is just from reading this blog) or I won’t respond. Most of my posts are public for the first few weeks.

I do have a lot more that I want to write about, mainly my tapestry progress and my plans for the year. (!!!) But I do hate typing on this itty bitty keyboard so I will try again tomorrow when hopefully I will figure out why the keyboard on Sandy’s computer does not work.

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