I’m starting to think about the design for my next tapestry. I want to do it as large as will fit on my Shannock loom, so that will be 24 inches wide. Which would make this tapestry cartoon 24″ x 32″. I’m going to take this jpg file down to Kinko’s and see if I can get it printed full size instead of trying to enlarge it by hand.

hammock view

It was taken from the view of lying in the hammock under the bald cypress trees at my cousin’s house on Lake Waccamaw.

I’ve had this photo on my mind for a very long time. I’ve put it through all kinds of Photoshop filters, printed it, cut it up and put it back together again in different ways, added stuff to it, put it on my bedroom wall for months, took the stuff away, pieced it back together, and reprinted it.

Guess it needs to be woven now.