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Latest progress on 98% Water

It’s slow going, mainly because my life and house is messy right now, but I only have about three inches left to weave on “98% Water.”

My new-to-me Shannock tapestry loom is still sealed in the shipping box, because I don’t have a place to put it with our belongings scattered about in boxes. Most of the boxes are Sandy’s stuff from the man cave that he is now painting and reflooring. He says that he is going to build shelves. I have a lot of purging that I need to do in the studio. Again. I think that I’m going to have to let the hoarding for collage and mixed media go.

I need to sell my Macomber floor loom to make some room so that I can work in the studio. I have not woven a thing on it, so I have a strong urge to warp it up at least one time for a rag rug. I have a lot of the warp already measured, but my original plan was to weave a complicated double width project from the book Contemporary Rag Rugs. Now I feel like I should ditch the design, warp that sucker up and knock out a couple of rugs this winter just so I can say with confidence that it works well before I put it up for sale.

Here’s a photo of our new bathroom. It was hard to photograph because of the long shape. There are two windows and I’m planning to finish painting the trim this weekend. We still need to put up window treatments too. Right now I have an Indian batik bedsheet on one window and a thrift shop single curtain on the other.

Next I’m replacing the cabinet doors and drawer fronts in my kitchen, replacing the broken dishwasher, and doing a bit of a cabinet change in one corner. After that, we tackle the foundation under the old bathroom, repair the floor, and remodel it. Thank God the city inspections department will have nothing to do with these repairs, because they were horrible to work with on the addition.

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