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Second day in Denver

On our second day in Colorado, Cherie, Sandy and I went to explore the Santa Fe St. art district in Denver. I was itching to spend some time at the Abecedarian Gallery, which specializes in book arts. To my surprise, their current exhibition was of my favorite book artist, Daniel Essig, and his wife, Vicki Essig. I knew what to expect of Dan’s work, having taken three of his classes, but it was Vicki Essig’s work that really blew me away. It is the type of art that is difficult to photograph because it is so delicate. It was so inspiring and made my mind turn immediately to combining my woven tapestry with books and found objects in a different way.

I have to say that I am flabbergasted that I don’t have but one photo of this afternoon. I must have really been in the moment. The photo above was the outdoor area behind one of the galleries. I love how they constructed the wall.

That night we watched my cuz-in-law, the fantabulous Kenny Perkins, perform with his band at Logan’s Roadhouse. They totally rocked the house.

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