Colorado, Family

Colorado, Days Three and Four

On Sunday, we headed up into the Rockies. My cousin drove the four of us to Breckenridge, where we had a light lunch and then walked around the shops. The leaves were at their peak of color change, and the aspens were stunning against the blues/greens of the conifers. We were all kind of pooped and a couple of us started having some altitude problems so we went to our overnight lodgings at the Frisco Lodge in Frisco and rested up. We found a few places still open that Sunday afternoon and I snagged a great hat at a consignment shop.

After a great breakfast at the lodge we did a bit more shopping, then drove around to look at the scenery. On our way back to Broomfield we stopped in Georgetown and at Red Rocks. I would love to see a concert at Red Rocks. I can understand why it is such a big deal now that I’ve been there. The geology is so unusual too.

I have to say, the clouds in Colorado were nearly as magnificent as the mountains. My attention was always drawn to them.

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