Go west

Back to reality

Oh my, has it really been weeks since I last posted? I’ve been so busy. And tired. All this jet setting is great until you have to go back to work and get on a different sleep schedule. My husband can sleep at all times of the day and night. I have a very rigid circadian clock and it doesn’t care to be messed with so often.

Our new bathroom is functional and mostly painted, except for the trim. Our house is still a wreck and will continue to be for several months. Next on the schedule is replacing kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts with real wood (the current ones made from particle board are falling apart) and then we’ll gut and repair the foundation and floor under the original bathroom, then remodel it. However, next time we are going to paint the beadboard BEFORE it is put up. There was some frustrating finagling going on trying to get the paint in the grooves in that high corner above the shower. I love the way beadboard looks but man, I learned that it is hard to paint.

However, my attention now needs to turn to my mother’s house and cleaning it out. My sister has been carrying this load while I’ve been dashing off to my art retreats having fun. For the rest of the year, I’m going to try to spend about every other weekend in Marietta working on that. Hoo boy. It’s tough emotionally and physically.

I will work on blogging my trip as I can during breaks in the action before I forget the details, but the full load of photos has been uploaded to my Flickr site, accessible by clicking on one of the photos on the right sidebar.

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