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An eastern horizon was like a memory

By the second day, I felt like I was where I should be. I felt like I was home. I feel this way every time I go to the West Coast.

Pam started us off with a design exercise. She passed out small pieces of gesso board and a piece of yupo paper to make small designs with the idea of murals and the theme of the sea in mind. Two of my photos of these ideas didn’t photograph well. I chose the photo of my feet in the Pacific for my small tapestry and the design of the photo at the top of this post for my next one (which I didn’t have time to do in Oregon).

I learned a great new way to warp my loom warping two at a time. I purposely did not take many photos on this day because I wanted to be present in the moment, but during the next few days I made up for it and how. So much beauty. So many fascinating books and objects.

More tomorrow.

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