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Foodie post

After two years, I finally managed to pick a ripe Cherokee Purple tomato from the Back Forty. This is what should always be done with the first sun-warmed tomato from your garden:

Sandy and I have gone out to eat a little more than usual lately. Here’s our supper on the upper patio at M’Coul’s. Their roast beef is really tender. And y’all know how I feel about Smithwick’s.

Finally, my friend Kathie Lapcevic and I had met through food blogging many years ago, but had never met in person. Her food writing career is on the rise – see her blogs Homespun Seasonal Living and Two Frog Home for more. She stopped to visit me in Greensboro on her way to Asheville for a food writers’ conference. Since Kathie is from Montana and Pittsburgh, I suggested that she try the twice baked grits at Lucky 32 for brunch. We both ordered them with collard greens. Oh so good, and so good to see her. I’ve been friends with her on Facebook and the blogs for so long that meeting her in person just felt like getting together with an old friend.

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