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Beginning the tapestry “98% Water”

I’m calling it “98% Water” for now.

The light green band at the bottom is meant to be turned back for a hem or stretched to the back if I decided to mount this on canvas stretchers. It was the color that I began with for the teal color and realized that it was entirely too light to contrast with the light pinkish color. The pink is actually a very light lavender but it looks pink when combined with the other colors.

I couldn’t get my energy up for dyeing and my local yarn shop did not have all the colors I needed, so I found what I needed at Webs online. I’m using the 4-ply mercerized Tahki Cotton Classic that I love. So soft, and I can pull it apart for plying colors together or for smaller wefts.

Of course, as soon as the order shipped I found the perfect color for the medium teal – some yarn I dyed umpteen years ago with that subtly mottled coloring that makes interesting streaks as I weave. I think that I have enough of it but if it looks like I will run out I’ll start working the commercially dyed medium teal in there to make a transition.

Traditionally, tapestry is woven with wool but I love the sheen of mercerized cotton for this project.

Here’s Pablocito being reasonably well behaved, and the design and cartoon that I posted a few weeks ago. As you can see I’m not using anything expensive or fancy, just four strips of wood with nails going across the top and bottom. I use a sacking needle instead of bobbins, and sometimes I only use my fingers. The taut warp sounds like bass guitar strings sometimes. I like that.

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