critters, whining

Ick. I hate this. Pbbttt.

Moving forward on getting the new bathroom put in by getting contractors (and such) to give us estimates this week. Praying that the estimates will be reasonable. Praying that the whole process won’t end in the job not being finished and/or me being talked into spending my savings on something else to do with the house. Praying that it will get done this summer. Praying that it will at least get done before I sit on the toilet in the existing bathroom with the cracked floor and fall suddenly into the crawlspace. Praying for patience and wisdom. Praying that all sharp objects are out of reach when my husband decides that he is against doing this after all.

Praying that I can stop thinking about this long enough to get my supplies ready for my week of indigo dyeing at Arrowmont next week.

The critter(s) did a lot of damage to my garden last night, so I also have to put protection back on the snap beans. The sunflower and the little rudbeckias are beyond help. I miss my feral kitties. I knew that I should have piked that rabbit head I found on a tomato stake.

In a effort to feel more positive, I have included kitten photos in this post.

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