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Random thoughts at lunchtime

Wow – this may be the craziest spam comment I’ve ever gotten: “I looked inside portable vaporizer and I was in a perfectly and there
is no disturbance due to the future king. I adore, but, like wind, during the
upward motion. You can follow any responses to the Earth’s magnetic field,
we were talking about. I can’tjust sleep with noisiest sheep ever in a corner and talk to anyone,
portable vaporizer they might be turned on and or enhanced.
So, it’s when the pull from behind portable vaporizer the store.
There is less and less opulence.”

What do you suppose he was selling? 😀 Well, I hope that you’ll be able to find a portable vaporizer if your search brings you here, but I ain’t selling them, sorry. However, that is close to poetry.

I think of so many things to put on this blog but I just can’t get inspired enough to type on my tiny Kindle keyboard and my laptop is dead. Then by the time I get to use a real keyboard, the thoughts have vanished.

One thing is that I miss the mulberry tree on our street. It was cut down last year just before the berries were ripe, for no reason that I can figure out, in the church parking lot redo. There were no parking spaces put down where the mulberry tree was. Maybe they didn’t like the birds bombing their cars with purple splats? Oh boy, maybe I will let all the pokeweed grow to fruit stage for the birds (and dyepot) this year. I figured out something after picking mulberries from the trees along the creek at the Greensboro Farmers’ Curb Market on Saturday. Mulberries are delicious eaten straight off the tree, but they lose their magic when you put them in a bag to eat later. I miss showing up for work in June with mulberry stains all over my hands.

I’m getting all jiggley with anticipation for my workshop at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in two weeks. I went to Value Village thrift store on the last Wednesday of May (half-price on everything) in search of natural fabrics to dye in the indigo pot. I scored with a new-looking white cotton muslin sheet set and 6 shirts of cotton, linen, and silk with a grand total of about $12.50. The problem is that I have to wash them so many times in Charlie’s Soap to get the perfumes out. I understand why they use such strong detergent to wash used items but jeez Louise the scent was killing me! The third wash in hot water finally made it tolerable but I would love it if anyone had some tips for me to solve this problem. I am terribly allergic to many fragrances.

About to head out to my first Moral Monday rally of the year in Raleigh. I’d promise photos but I think that my battery is almost dead. I don’t volunteer for civil disobedience but every single body there in support of our civil rights and against the devastating extremist legislation coming out of the Tea Party government in our state capitol makes a difference, especially now that they have passed new laws to try to take away our First Amendment rights.

Feeling pretty good and I’ll have both an art and a Back Forty update up within the week.

3 thoughts on “Random thoughts at lunchtime”

  1. Hey Laurie, I haven’t tried this, but maybe it would work to layer the fabrics in a box with a good dusting of baking soda between each fold and leave them in there for a week or two.


  2. That sounds like a good idea. It helped to put some towels in with them, but I felt like it was just redistributing the allergens to the towels.


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