Greensboro North Carolina, hiking

Nat Greene Trail Hike

Here are photos from our Nat Greene Trail Hike yesterday evening. It begins/ends at Lake Brandt Marina parking lot. Parts of it are hilly. Sandy and I went with a member of the Triad Hiking Explorers meet-up group and her rat terrier, Daisy Duke. We were exhausted afterward which proves that we need more of this kind of exercise.

Looks like “home” (SE North Carolina) in the above photo.

So often we don’t notice reflections. There’s always a spark of joy for me when I remember to really look at a still water pool.

Another trail winds around the woods above the lake-edge trail.


Cool textures.

One day I’m gonna build me an awesome fort in the woods again, just you wait and see.

2 thoughts on “Nat Greene Trail Hike”

  1. I love that first photo. It looks like an old weathered hand reaching into the ground. And the “tree landscape” over the index finger makes it more special! (I found my way here from Flickr, via Pinterest.)


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