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Snow day coffee pot post

The Back Forty this afternoon.

We’re in the midst of the first full snow day of this storm. Five inches with a layer of ice first thing this morning, more snow coming down now at noon with several more inches expected. My husband is a help desk tech and is set up in the next room taking calls on his laptop. I get to hear what he actually does for a living today, although he says that it is a very slow day for him. The kittens are excited that he is here doing something different.

Pablocito has been following me and showing a lot of dominance behavior toward me this morning. I bent over to pick up some papers he knocked off the counter and he got on the back of my head and “bit” me and held it the same way he does to Theo. Didn’t hurt a bit but I understand how Theo feels now. It was much funnier to me that it was to Theo, though.

Theo got a little taste of paws in the snow, but he did not like it. I remember Ozzie, a feral cat that I loved and finally socialized, sitting in the snow in the yard crying. I went out and got him and dried him with a towel. Ozzie was Squirt’s brother and he and Theo looked very much alike. I’m so glad that I don’t have to worry about my feral cat colony in bad weather anymore.

I have been wasting time on Facebook all morning, and once the kittens got quiet, decided to iron some fabric scraps for weaving and mending that quilt. I can’t iron with the boys around because they think that the electric cord is great fun to play with as it moves back and forth. Here’s what I found, along with the iron on the floor.

I guess we know who is in charge here. I think that I’ll take a nap.

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