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Reedy Fork Creek play day

Sandy and I and Anne, a new co-worker, went on a short hike on the Reedy Fork Trail, one of Greensboro’s many trails around our reservoir lakes.

Love this running cedar.

Either we took a wrong turn or the trail vanished. It was in need of maintenance. We ended up crossing a power line right-of-way, in which I identified several dye plants and found a bouquet’s worth of hawk feathers.

Even the scrubby potholed service road leading back to the swampy area was interesting. Just the place to shoot an old refrigerator full of holes.

We followed the creek back to the trail and there were lots of trees felled by beavers.

Fun with leaves.

I found a huge grapevine to swing on. My new friend found out just how silly I can be.

We were more tired that we expected. I want to start doing this on a regular basis and get in better shape.

That’s not pink. I don’t wear pink. It is “tomato.”

2 thoughts on “Reedy Fork Creek play day”

  1. There’s a story behind the shirt – I went to the beach and forgot my luggage – duh. I wanted one long-sleeved t-shirt without a logo on it and the only one I could find in the local stores that fit me was this one – I hate pink but it was labeled “tomato.” I found lots of shotgun shells on the hike beyond the trail and heard shots in the distance so I was happy to be wearing a bright color but really wanted to get the hell outta there.


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