Today is the first full day I’ve gotten off because of snow in a long time! I can walk to work and I don’t have children, so usually I end up going in. But the university was closed today. Yay!

So I fired up the wood stove and played with weaving some denim strips. I like the simplicity of this. I’m going to weave another one to play with more complex weaves.

The paw prints are from a mystery cat and my kittens – I took each of them out separately and gently let them experience the snow without letting go of them. I think that it was fun for them. They aren’t scared of anything.

Here is why the little hooligans make me crazy at least once a day. You can see Diego’s ideas in his head just as well as if I’d put a little cartoon balloon over his head. I let him do it because the curtain is raggedy anyway and I haven’t succeeded in stopping him.