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Visual journal, December 29, 2013

Pablo is in love with the kitten in the dishwasher. I will continue to try to get the audio – he is hilarious but stops meowing and warbling as soon as he notices me watching. The cardboard is taped under the dishwasher and cabinets because there are holes that kittens can see and fit into under there.

I haven’t been doing anything exciting in my studio – still measuring warp and today I ironed lots of little scraps of fabric in preparation to play with some cloth weaving a la Jude Hill.

3 thoughts on “Visual journal, December 29, 2013”

  1. well, i never would have thought that you of all people, Laurie, would have a kitten in the dishwasher!
    [er …relax, i’m joking]

    Pablo is rather delectably sweet.


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