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Sunday morning coffee pot post

I should be binding a book or stitching on my scroll right now, or at least laying down in the dark with an ice pack on my face since I woke up with a vicious headache and a sinus infection. But I’m doing better, about to wash out my head pipes with a neti pot, the coffee is hot, and I’m missing blogging.

It’s been 20 days since I wrote the last coffee pot post. I like my new visual journal project, although I have to play catch-up now and then, and will continue it. I’ve been concentrating on my book projects when possible, and my last class is tomorrow night. I will finally have that BA in Studio Art that I’ve pursued off and on since 1984! I put one piece in the senior show: this tapestry. I’m pretty sure that I am the last student to graduate that did most of her studio work in the long-defunct fibers concentration.

I’m already planning for after this class – much more dyeing and stitching on fabric and paper. I’m joining Jill Berry’s project in the short term (I LOVE MAPS) and studying online with Jude Hill again. I’ve signed up for a “boro” class with shibori master Yoshiko Wada this summer

The Washington D.C. trip was great but I’ll have to blog it later, along with a big post on the work I’m doing for this ceramics class.

Speaking of which, I really need to get to work on finishing up some books for this class, so I’m checking out for today, other than the visual journal later.

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