Suddenly, this happened…The Fosters’ First Night

Right now, these two one-month-old boys are known as “the fosters.” The only time I could get decent photos were when they stopped running long enough to explore and decimate Sandy’s bookshelf. They’ll spend a few days on their own behind closed doors (or as long as I can stop Sandy from letting them out) and then they get to terrorize Theo and Miss Lucy.

Theo and Miss Lucy were cowering in the front room when I left the house this morning, and they haven’t even seen these two guys out of the cat carrier. What a couple of wussy pussies.

We went by Petsmart last night to pick up some Pill Pockets and these two fellas had just come in from the animal shelter. They had not even made it to the crate. They were cleaned up and sent home with us in a lent carrier. This is a danger of being sleep-deprived – we had not intended for this to happen at all.

However, when we do adopt them (as I’m sure will happen), their $25 adoption fee includes neutering and their first shots (which they’ve mostly had). My vet suggested that kittens from the shelter be kept separate from our other cats because she has seen a lot of upper respiratory problems in shelter kittens.

As soon as I opened the door this morning, they spilled out and romped around my bedroom until I managed to catch them. Fearless. No crying. Just playing, pooping in the litterbox, and eating. I haven’t seen them sleep yet, but Sandy slept with them last night. I couldn’t do it, I had to catch up on my sleep.

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