book arts, Minnesota/Wisconsin

Madeline Island: Chapter 7, Saturday

There were thunderstorms. When I awoke, C_____ was gone. She left me a sweet note saying that she couldn’t wake me. I was one tired girlie.

I checked out and made it to the train going into downtown Minneapolis a wee bit late that morning. By the time I got there and walked with my luggage to the Minnesota Center for Book Arts, I didn’t have much time to spend before I had to get to the airport. It was a magical place, full of artist books, a museum with an exhibit that included one of Ed Ruscha’s famous streetscape books. The current exhibition was on the collaboration of film and book art. Remember those flip books where you ruffle the pages and it makes a image on the page look like it’s moving? Yoko Ono, Andy Warhol, and Béatrice Coron were represented. I was excited to see one of her works up close.

I bought a few things in the shop in a hurry – they sell bookbinding and papermaking and printing supplies there as well – and took a look around the studio/workshop space. I would love to come here for a workshop!

Downtown Minneapolis was DEAD on an early Saturday afternoon. That really surprised me, but I thought that it was a much bigger city. Maybe I simply wasn’t in a happenin’ part of town.

I went to the airport, and who gets in the check-in line behind me? My roommate Liz from MISA. Turns out we’re taking the same flight to Chicago. What are the chances? We have a bite to eat in an airport restaurant, and then snag the last two seats together on the plane. The pilot turns the plane around at Chicago, saying the airports there are closed because of an alarm, and he has to refuel. We sit on the tarmac at the Rockford, Illinois airport and we have no idea what the problem is, or whether we’ll catch our connecting flight that night. I barely caught my (also delayed) flight to Raleigh and the misfortune of others in the same situation awarded me with three seats to myself.

Now it is time to start making bundles at home. Sandy and I spent this weekend moving my studio to the front room, which gives me more space. My problem now is that I strained a back muscle, but I am better and plan to get some dyepots going very soon.

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