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Madeline Island: Chapter 6, Friday

Madeline Island

Peering into the final dyepot.

Madeline Island

Part of the patchwork of the 15 nine-squares the class laid together on the floor. Mine is the one in the bottom right corner.

Madeline Island

The second book and two final fabric bundles come out of the dyepot.

Madeline Island

I don’t mind that I nearly destroyed the La Pointe Cemetery through impatient handling and poor protection in the dyepot – the beautiful decay is fitting for the object’s inspiration.

Madeline Island

One of the prettiest spreads in my first book.

Madeline Island

I used the drip paper to make a protective cover for the La Point Cemetery book and sew pages into the first book.

I am done. I am exhausted. I am full to the brim with goodness. I hug India and say goodbye to my new friends, the friendliest and most soul lifting group I have ever studied with.

There are lots of photos of my classmates’ work on my Flickr site.

Madeline Island

Waiting for the ferry. What the heck is that red stuff in the water? Is it natural?

Duluth Public Library

Brenda drives C___ and me to Duluth to pick up the shuttle to Minneapolis. What a generous, lovely woman. As we wait at the Duluth Radisson on the patio, I notice the subject of a recent Facebook photo making the rounds – the outside of the Duluth Public Library.

C___ and I collapse into our hotel room in Minneapolis. I have deep and pleasant dreams.

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