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Madeline Island: Chapter 4, Wednesday

Daisies, mullein, and lupines were everywhere on the island.

After finding out that the raspberry tea bags made beautiful pink marks that magically turned blue on the cotton paper, raspberry tea suddenly became the most popular beverage in our class!


India shows us what we are to do with our cloth/papers. They will become books.

Going crazy making more bundles now.

My treasure book, out of the dyepot, unbundled and unfolded very, very, very carefully so that it has time to dry. Paper is very fragile when wet.

That evening, India made bee-yoo-ti-full soup for the class. We became quite silly after imbibing it, so I wonder what secret ingredient she added to it? I wouldn’t dare post the goofy photos, lest I be hunted down and murdered in my sleep, but I think this is a lovely photo of an absolutely fantastic group of women.

3 thoughts on “Madeline Island: Chapter 4, Wednesday”

  1. the book looks awesome! i’m taking a workshop with india in october but it’s only 3 days and a book is not included unfortunately. would you be willing to share even a little bit about how it is done?


    1. As much as I would love to do that, I purposely am avoiding it because of respect for the teacher. Dede didn’t mind me sharing notes online but I didn’t ask India, and I assume that she doesn’t want me to reveal her lessons. Besides, as you’ll find out, the surprise is part of the fun (and part of the learning). So much of it is learning to look at the world and the place you are in a deeper and more creative way.


      1. i understand. i’ll see her in october in her class in sacramento, ca so maybe she’ll be willing to share a few tips with me then. the book looks totally fascinating/amazing/beautiful..


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