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Madeline Island: Chapter 2, Monday

Madeline Island

Madeline Island

The meadows around MISA were gorgeous; full of wildflowers and wildlife. Unfortunately that wildlife included many ticks. If you go, do take bug repellent of some kind. I think that I may have been one of the only people in my class that did not find a tick on me at some point during my stay. Whew!

On the first day, our class included a few sessions of gathering materials for fabric bundles, in which we were given limitations in order to open our eyes to different possibilities. This is a shot of my treasures in the last session, when we could gather nearly anything.

Madeline Island

Bundles for the dyepot – one with a cord made from twining scraps of silk fabric. The shells are my markers, since these bundles became hard to recognize after they came out of the dyepot.

Madeline IslandMadeline IslandMadeline Island

Madeline Island

Madeline IslandThat afternoon, a group of us went to The Pub in the village of La Pointe for dinner and drinks. I decided to try the whitefish livers, even though I don’t like liver, because someone who had eaten them said that they were good and children liked them. I tried them because I have never in my life heard of eating fish liver, and I considered it my duty as a Slow Foodie to taste a regional food. They weren’t bad – they tasted a bit like chicken livers, and the accompanying veggies were excellent.

I got in a hammy mood when I insisted on sticking my toes in the very cold water of Lake Superior. Don’t mind the hole in my sock, there.

Madeline Island

The sunset back at MISA:

Madeline Island

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