Tonight is the last night I’ll be at home for a while, and Sandy is at a friend’s house playing a game. I’m listening to the rain and enjoying the quiet. Tomorrow afternoon, Sandy and I will go to Missy’s house on Lake Orange, where we’ll relax and play a little while. Then Sandy will go home, I’ll spend the night, and Missy will take me to the airport early early early Sunday morning. She swears that she doesn’t mind because she is training for a marathon near there and she runs extremely early in the morning anyway.

Then I’ll fly to Minneapolis on Southwest Airlines, take a shuttle to Duluth airport, where I’ll board a shuttle for Madeline Island School of the Arts. Have a little dinner on the island, go to a wine and cheese reception, and crash in my room after about 12 hours of traveling. On Monday, my workshop with India Flint begins! I’ll have plenty of photos to post when I get back, and I’ll try to journal it as best I can as long as I can remain present also.

I’ve often found that when I immerse myself in an art experience I forget to take photos. I don’t know whether that is a positive or negative thing. I love losing myself in the moment and I get so much more out of it when I do, so the feeling is completely positive, but it’s a bummer later on to realize that I don’t have photos! Hard to write an art blog without them, and that’s partly why I am not blogging as often as I used to. So I try to strike a balance with the big events like this one. I love blogging about them and I love going back and rereading them.

I’ll be back in Greensboro on Sunday, July 14.