Lake Orange, North Carolina

Kayaking on Lake Orange

I spent a lovely day at Lake Orange with my friend Missy yesterday. I had never even heard of Lake Orange before I met her. Now I want to move there! It is a small reservoir lake between Hillsborough and Mebane, North Carolina, but big enough to allow all kinds of boating.

Missy made us a picnic lunch and we paddled to a wilder area of the lake, with the hopes of seeing the bald eagles that nest there. We saw lots of turtles and a great blue heron. I love paddling but I haven’t done any in a long time, so I am feeling it in my arms and abs today.

1 thought on “Kayaking on Lake Orange”

  1. Hi there,
    Thought you might be interested to know that RTE (the Irish national TV station) is putting some documentaries on their online player at the moment. It was a series made in the 70s called Hands, about the different traditional crafts that were beginning to die out. There’s one up at the moment about Donegal weavers (it’ll be up for another 12 days according to the details). It’s on and then rteplayer, just look through the recent programs if you want to see it. Sound wasn’t great on my laptop, with the background music sometimes drowning out the narrator but it’s fascinating nonetheless. They’re doing a revisited series at the moment, which is why, I think, they’re reshowing some of the original series.


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