Back Forty

Back Forty Update

After a trip to the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market and Lowe’s, our garden is finally starting to look a little better. Still a huge amount of work to do, but the four of the half whiskey barrels are filled with soil and I planted Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, San Marzano and Roma tomato plants from Handance Farm, and one barrel is devoted to hot peppers from Weatherhand Farm: Habenero (for Chuck and Leslie), Jalapeno, Hot Banana, Poblano, and Thai Hot. The Sweet Banana went into a pot by itself. The sweet peas are starting to come up. I still have squash, zucchini, fennel, and thyme plants to put in. Considering a rock garden along the sidewalk. I guess I’ll get around to planting my butterbeans and field peas this week or next.

Playing catch-up from three years of neglect is not easy. I have been concentrating on ripping out the vinca and English ivy and honeysuckle from the north side. Now that the next-door neighbor’s family stripped that yard and dug out the mess on her side of the fence, I need to jump on the chance of putting an end of the roots on my side. There’s a lot. Fortunately, I can also go around to the other side of the fence and pull out what is coming back over there. The chain link fence is ugly, but it will make a good support to grow some veggies along there. Now that the mulberry tree is gone, it is probably the sunniest place in the yard.

I don’t know what the plan is for that house. It’s nice to have no one living there. Especially nice not to have someone who battles Satan loudly living there. I can relax in my yard and I love it. The fact that they haven’t cleaned out the inside and only come by to pick up the mail once a week is making me a little nervous. I told Sandy that maybe we should consider putting up a wooden privacy fence (lashing the panels to the existing fence) in case Chris moves back. Before she moves back, so she’ll be less offended. But, we need to make our first priority the bathroom, before one of us sits down on the toilet and ends up in the crawlspace.

4 thoughts on “Back Forty Update”

  1. As my carpenter/plumber/electrician is fond of telling me. Some projects demand to be first in line, no matter what you think should be the priority. The threat of ending up in the crawl hole would make me think twice about sitting on that toilet.


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