Rich in looms, poor in cash

Guess what I just did? I bought an old Macomber Add-a-Harness loom. Yes I did. Along with a couple of Leclerc Dorothy table looms, three tapestry frame looms, and a large spool rack last week. This also means that it is likely that I’ll have a Baby Wolf loom for sale soon. The Center for Visual Arts in Greensboro decided to close down their weaving program and sell off the looms and equipment dirt cheap. I think that it’s a real shame that they did this, since it was a unique offering for the area and could have been promoted and turned into something special, but local weavers and schools are benefiting from their loss. Photos later – I have a lot of show and tell but not a lot of time to post.

Macomber looms

Macomber Looms and Me

1 thought on “Rich in looms, poor in cash”

  1. How exciting to have all those new (looms) toys. Do you know if there are more looms or equipment for sale at the Center? Who would you recommend contacting at the Center for more information?


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