Rich in looms, poor in cash

Guess what I just did? I bought an old Macomber Add-a-Harness loom. Yes I did. Along with a couple of Leclerc Dorothy table looms, three tapestry frame looms, and a large spool rack last week. This also means that it is likely that I’ll have a Baby Wolf loom for sale soon. The Center for Visual Arts in Greensboro decided to close down their weaving program and sell off the looms and equipment dirt cheap. I think that it’s a real shame that they did this, since it was a unique offering for the area and could have been promoted and turned into something special, but local weavers and schools are benefiting from their loss. Photos later – I have a lot of show and tell but not a lot of time to post.

Macomber looms

Macomber Looms and Me