Letting go

I’m in bed with my laptop, endless coughing, sucking on cough drops, and drinking a variety of hot liquids today. So I figured that I may as well do a little blogging.

Along with a bunch of my stuff that was clogging up my storage, I let go of my self-elected leadership of the Greensboro Fiber Guild. It is nice to get together with my fiber artist friends now and then, but I felt like it wasn’t going to go where I hoped and it felt better to honestly say I’m done trying. At least I did try. I used the excuse of getting my last class in my art degree program done. That was truthful, because the class I registered for requires an enormous amount of research and written and presentation work. Our first class was canceled because of icy weather, and I read a huge amount of pages about art exhibitions, and was trying to deal with getting together outside of class for some group work, when I realized that spending sixteen weeks of my precious life in stress-filled misery to graduate in May was not worth putting all this effort into a subject that was surprisingly boring to me. Plus I hate group work with the intensity of a thousand suns. So I’m dropping the class.

My loom is in the living room, and I’m slowly, slowly, slowly inching forward on getting it warped up for a new project. The only way I could move forward was to let go of my original plan, and change to a plan that wasn’t as efficient but excited me. I’m going to weave some fine overshot scarves with 10/2 black mercerized cotton and hand-dyed silk. I almost finished measuring the warp yesterday, when I finally let go of the idea of charging ahead no matter how I felt and went to bed.

I’ve been trying to find an inexpensive way to travel to India Flint’s workshop on Madeline Island, Wisconsin but it just ain’t happening. The prices keep increasing, and I’m not going to book the flight for a while yet anyway. Maybe something will change for the better.

If I don’t get into Paper and Book Intensive, I’ll go to Focus on Book Arts again in Forest Grove, Oregon. It will be about the same amount of money for half the amount of time, but good instructors and classes and an awesome little town. Or maybe I’ll just do the one trip to Wisconsin this year.

Now I’d like to let go of a large amount of congestion in my chest. Time for hot tea and the vaporizer.

1 thought on “Letting go”

  1. You have my sympathies. I’m just coming out of another week and a half at home with a cold that actually hit just over a month ago. It’s not entirely gone but is more gone than it has been before so I’m hopeful it won’t come back badly again. Hope you have lots of lemons and ginger and honey on hand as well as all the sympathy and looking after you can handle from your other half. 🙂 Get well soon.


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