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Paper and Book Intensive

Now is the time of year that most of the class and workshop schedules come out for 2013, and it has been making me crazy! I am so addicted to these retreats. I realized that I am not going to be able to do Art-is-You Petaluma again this year. Too much is going on either at work or in my personal life during those times. And taking this workshop with India at the Madeline Island School of the Arts ain’t exactly cheap money-wise (but, oh, the riches I expect to gather from it!), leaving me with little to work with financially, since I don’t do these retreats on credit. Well, actually I did the last one on credit and broke my rule, but I don’t plan to break it again.

So I just up and decided that the Paper and Book Intensive was way too terrific and too much of a bargain to pass up this year. Amazing teachers and an all inclusive price for lodging and meals for 10 days, on a beautiful oxbow lake close to Lake Michigan, and a serious book arts curriculum where I can learn some skills and knowledge about historical book binding as well as art design. The airfare is not horrible, and it is one long day’s trip if I really had to drive it. It would probably be cheaper to fly. It is cheaper to fly to Grand Rapids, which is a closer airport, than to Chicago! I’m beginning to see that the biggest airports don’t always have the best prices.

Here’s the kicker – I announced on Facebook that I had applied to PBI and my friend Judy who I met at Journalfest in 2010 and roomed with at Focus on Book Arts said that she had too! Judy and I will make great roommates.

It’s not a done deal yet. I’ve applied and I have to be accepted. I hope that it happens because between this and the five days with India Flint my art is going to be kicked up several notches this year.

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