Political rant alert

We received our first robocall of the day right after 9 a.m., equating same sex marriage with the destruction of America. You know, I don’t want to live in a liberal bubble, unaware of the crazy things that many people believe. But honestly, there is no freakin’ way to avoid it and I’ve had my fill of it. I find it interesting that as an independent, I get the most calls from the far right, and they are overwhelmingly negative about the Democrats and talk about extreme positions when they do talk about their agenda. The few calls I get from Democrats talk about why their candidate is best for the job. This is a big reason why I will never, ever vote for a Republican. The moderate Republicans have been run out of the primaries by the Tea Party. Even the centrist Dems are fighting for their careers in North Carolina. As a new independent this presidential election, I am definitely seeing the tactics of both sides, and yes, there is a lesser evil by FAR. I’m going to vote early today for a straight Democratic ticket. I know it won’t matter because the redistricting damage resulting from our last election ensures that we’ll end up with a far right state government majority. I get to retire in 16 years, hopefully (if I still have a job as a state employee), and then I am getting the hell out of here.

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