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Saturday morning coffee pot post

Since Sandino Galore is out doing macho manly things with his macho manly friends, I have the pleasure of the house to myself, with only the sound of the washing machine and an occasional meow. I took it easy this morning and returned to bed after feeding the critters, rising slowly and cleaning off my work/play table in my bedroom for use later today and tomorrow. There are so many things I’d like to do that I can’t decide, which is the place where I’ve been stuck for a while. But hey, there is a clear horizontal space in the house now! Maybe by listing them I’ll decide. Here goes.

Definitely need to take my Dingle Cliffwalk tapestry out to Steve to get it framed. With the drive, this will take 2-3 hours, depending on whether we visit a while. I need to photograph it first so that will be at the top of the list.

I have to study this weekend. I have to catch up on my reading, and then do some SERIOUS studying. This textbook is extremely difficult and it requires me taking notes on the side to retain any of it. It has made me realize that I will NEVER EVER be an art historian. I like my information fairly cut and dried, not gooey or evaporating.

Today may be the last chance for some nice warm sunny weather for a while. I am washing some remnants that I bought at JoAnn’s this week. I could take this table out to a sunny spot and make sunprints.

I need to get the shop vac out to the gazebo and vacuum out the Critter (not one of my cats, but a small paper pulp beater on loan from my friend Susanne), put a tarp over it, and hope for good weather again next weekend so I can make some paper with it for the FIRST TIME after having it at my house for months. Really, there is no excuse for this except that I’m a bit scared of it. The weather was brutal this summer but by the time there were some nice days I went out of town or I just plain forgot about it.

I have a light pink warp halfway measured on the warping board. I should finish it and take it off because it is not good for my board to leave a warp under tension on it for so long. Then this winter I can weave some pink stuff to donate for auctions and whatnot for charity, since everyone is pink crazy, whether for breast cancer or other reasons. I don’t get the obsession with pink, but I have lots of this pink cotton that I bought for accents, so it will be next up for the loom.

Books. I have several books that could be finished and taken to the gallery if I would just get my $%^& together and do it.

Woven cuffs. Hemmed, check. Fasteners of different kinds bought, check. Now I need to finish them!

Hmmm, this list could go on for a very long time. It’s beginning to stress me out a little.

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