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Well, I guess it’s about time for me to begin blogging in this space for realz. I’ve been manually transferring my posts from my former blog to here. Yes, I know that sounds obsessive and tedious. At first I was only going to do it for the past year, because I had back-up files for around a year ago. And I looked hard at the GoDaddy restore process and I finally said, screw it, I hate GoDaddy. My domain name registration expires with GoDaddy on Oct. 1 and at that time I’ll re-register it here with WordPress. My hosting is paid through January and at that time I will not pay to host this site anymore. I’m happy with It is much better than it was when I first tried it out and at least I will be able to update the software easily, unlike GD. As I started transferring the posts, I discovered that I was really enjoying it. So I’ll do that through the end of September, and hopefully have most everything here from back to February 2005 when I began blogging.

My good friend Zha K called me as I was writing the above paragraph and wondered what happened. The thing is that whatever happened to it left me unable to log in, so I can’t announce on that site about moving to this site. Rerouting the domain should fix that but in the meantime it is a tad frustrating.

So, as you see above, I’ve had a grand time weaving my first Ireland-inspired tapestry. This was one of my very favorite spots in Ireland, a cliff walk on the Dingle Peninsula in front of the Gorman’s Clifftop House, a place I would very much like to revisit.

Since I’ll be working at the gallery this afternoon, I’m going to concentrate on finishing the Dingle tapestry and if I have time I’ll blog some more about other parts of my life.

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