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Saturday morning coffee pot post

I enjoyed this week, even with the brain zaps and the intense hot flashes and the excessive heat outside, because it was SO QUIET at work. My co-workers were out for various reasons and I had the office to myself and I caught up on my work. Then I reveled in the peaceful air conditioning, answered the occasional phone call and email, and worked on these projects on both sides of my little frame loom:

Sorry about the quality of the pics – after four tries and a battery change I decided that it just wasn’t happening for me and I needed to move on with my day.

It also gave me some space to reflect on what makes me the happiest in my art making. I really, really love doing this. I also really love making paper. I have tried so many different media and I always move back to the simplest process. Maybe I should just do found object tapestries until I am ready to do something else, however long that takes.

The four small bands were destined for wrist cuffs or book art, but now I’m considering weaving across the top of all four and connecting them, letting them hang down like tabs.

Really, I don’t care about selling other than I hope that it helps me break even on my co-op rent and pay for some of my supplies, and sometimes I enjoy weaving on the loom for the rhythmic aspect. I have been attracted to pattern making since I was a small child, playing with a plastic grid and Lego-like color tiles that my mother probably regretted buying for me after my father’s complaining about stepping on them on the floor barefoot so often. They were my favorite toy next to my Creepy Crawlers set.

Anyway, the weavings on my loom should look quite a bit different after the tension is released and they are washed, so I’m trying to take before photos.

We spent the Fourth at home. I’ll sound like a Grinch, as usual, but since we live close to the baseball stadium fireworks happen so often around here it is no big whoop to me. I’m not interested in sweating in the middle of a crowd watching my tax dollars pay for a spectacle when there are so many needs in the community and it is a fire hazard. It was different when it was a special annual thing. Now I just as soon read a book inside and look at the photos other people take.

My sister Lisa must have influenced me because I’ve been cooking again. I still would rather be doing other things, but if we are planning to retire to Ireland, we need to 1) take care of our health, and 2) not eat out as much.

Critters finally got the last of my seckel pears. One day, I hope to eat a pear from my tree. But I have gotten three Juliet tomatoes and several Zephyr squash, and I noticed that I have a handful of butterbeans that have formed. I’ll be lucky if there are any more because this dry heat is murder on butterbeans. I’m not going to water more than once a day.

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