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Saturday Morning Coffee Pot Post

We have got to do better cleaning up this house. Miss Lucy’s asthma is acting up again. So I cleaned the kitchen and mopped the floor before I even started the coffee pot this morning. This afternoon I’ll tackle another room, and ask Sandy to check on the basement (it may be flooded) and fix a couple of gutter spouts. We had a very heavy rainstorm yesterday and since the housing development (that we fought desperately) was built uphill we often get a river of water through the back forty. I have a row of thick hostas and lenten rose that deflect most of the water from the basement, but it has been a big problem since last summer.

My plan, other than going to battle with the cat hair and dust, is to warp up my loom today for huck. I’m inspired by this book, The Handweaver’s Pattern Directory, by Anne Dixon. I love this book so much that I’ve preordered her next book on inkle weaving patterns. The huck patterns look easy and versatile enough that I think that this will be a good threading to explore throughout the summer. I’m starting out with a long eight inch wide light green unmercerized cotton warp, mainly because I have so MUCH of the dang stuff, and I’m going to use a lot of different colors of weft. And what can I say – I’ve been on the Emerald Isle in recent days so there’s that color inspiration.

I have four posts up under the original dates of travel in my Ireland diary. It all starts on this page and there is (or will be) a link to the next post at the end of each post. I probably will add at least twenty more posts to this series, but some of them will be all photos. In the meantime, you can check out all the photos at my Flickr page, although you won’t get much commentary.

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