Update so that you know I didn’t fall off a cliff

I’m back from Ireland, and I brought back a nasty Irish cold that I’ve been battling since my last day there on Monday. Now I’m over the worst of it (I HOPE!) and I’m going to start working on my Ireland travelogue. If you are still reading me from the old days, a scenario that I’ll admit is probably delusional given my move to Facebook and the dearth of writing at this blog, you might remember that I love to write about my travels. If I won the lottery, I would most certainly waste a good bit of the money on traveling. Oh, and world peace. Mustn’t forget that.

This is going to take a long time, but I need to get crackin’ on it because my memory is fuzzy on the best of days these days, and it’s been two weeks now since we got off the plane in Dublin. So stay tuned.

A quick note about my health – my tests Thursday came back with very positive results, so my mind is greatly relieved.

A quick note about Guido’s health – my boy is napping on the floor with four paws in the air and all three weathered our trip well with the help of my good neighbor.

A quick note about the Back Forty – we apparently had a lot of rain while we were gone. Beans and field peas are up, but the herb seeds I planted are not. Calendula, coreopsis, and day lilies have replaced the foxglove blossoms. The blueberry bush is loaded. Now to figure out how to get them before the birds do without tangling the birds in a net.

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